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Who is ArthrOrganics?

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ArthrOrganics is family... the Reno family. Myself Frank, my daughters Cindy and Robin, her husband Rick, and my grandchildren, Evan and Morgan. I'm the President, Cindy, a committed animal rights advocate, is VP of Operations, and Robin is the VP of Sales and Promotions. I'm a graduate of both, the University of Georgetown, Wash.DC, and the University of Florida. I majored in finance and accounting, and I am a CPA. retired.

Although ArthrOrganics is a relatively new company (2007), I've always been interested in health. In retrospect, it goes back to my childhood, way back in the early 1930's. I literally grew up "organic". I was a son (one of eight) of an immigrant coal miner in SW Pennsylvania. In fact, most of the parents in our little community of Blainesburg, came from the "old country".All had big families, big gardens and all raised cows, chickens and pigs. It was in the "Great Depression" and we were on "Relief"...we were on the government dole. Back then, coal miners were paid in "scrip' that could on be used in the "company store". There was very little money...no McDonalds... no Starbucks.

Most everybody grew their own food in organically fertilized gardens. In addition to the gardens, the nearby fields and forest yielded a variety of wild, organic fruits, berries and nuts,that were canned by mother, along with the garden vegetables. This along with the meat, fresh milk and eggs was an organic life. In addition, even though we we had "city" water on tap, we drank only "spring" water that we carried in glass jugs from a spring in the forest. There were very few refrigerators in the community, but everyday there was fresh milk to drink. What we didn't drink or sell, was stored in "crock" jars in cellar under the house, from which was made buttermilk, cream, cottage cheese and butter. And everyone had a "smoke house' in which the meat was cured and preserved.

Looking back, it was truly an organic time. I wasn't aware of just organic it was until my daughter, Robin and her family went 'organic" and began to eat only those foods that were produced without pesticides,hormones or preservatives. After actually living "organically" and after realizing the benefits of the lifestyle,I began to to look into specific health aspects of organic food....mostly herbs, especially those proven to be with pain relieving properties. Even though there are many commercial pain relief products on the market today, most of them have 'side-effects", that to me are down-right scary, even the so-called "safe"products. To me, the side-effects are worse than the pain. I wanted...needed something that was effective in relieving pain,that was nutritious and had no unwanted side-effects.

The ArthrOrganic formulas, as foods, are safe and effective. They are a combination of carefully selected organic herbs and botanical's, that not only relieve discomfort, but provide a superior nutrition.

ArthrOrganics, the company, the product is much more than family...its friends. I'm am most appreciative of my friends, Dr. Edward F. Group, and Dr. James F. Walker. Without their encouragement, assistance and knowledge there would be no ArthrOrganics. I owe a great debt of thanks to both of them.