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Pain...Pain...Go Away !

As children, we sang..............
Rain...Rain...Go Away
Come back another day,
Little Johnny wants to play !

With adults, we mostly moan..
Pain...Pain...Go Away
Don't come back another day,
Big Bohnny hurts too much to
Play !

Pain, constant pain, is debilitating, is stressful ! Whether mild or severe, arthritic pain affects every facet of ones life. When in pain, the joints are hot, sore, and swollen. Even walking is difficult . You want, need relief...not tomorrow... NOW!

The book" Arthritis for Dummies" (1) lists five main classes of medications that are currently being prescribed for the relief of Arthritis:

* Analgesics: Analgesics fight pain, but do not interfere with the inflammatory process, so they are easier on the stomach than NSAIDS. The best known analgesic is, acetaminophen.

* BRMs (biologic response modifiers) : BRMs help fight stubborn cases of inflamation by inhibiting cytokines,a certain component of the immune system. Cytokines play an important part in the inflammation seen in rheumatoid arthritis .BRMs inhibit this inflammatory reaction.Prominent BRM drugs are Embrel, Humira Remicade and Kineret.

* Corticosteroids : These are manmade versions of naturally ocurring hormones that help quell inflammation . Although they are powerful anti-inflammatories, they can and do have serious side effects (124), including elevated blood pressure, stomach ulcers, thinning of the bones and skin and an increased risk of infection to name but a few.Corticosterols include Prednisone, Budesonide, and among others, Triamcinalone.

* DMARDS (disease modifying antirheumatic drugs) : DMARDS are used in inflammatory forms of Arthritis that haven't responded to other conditions. They change the way the immune system works in slowing or stopping its attack on the body.

* NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) :NSAIDS help to relieve pain and reduce inflammation by interfering with an enzyme call COX (cyclooxygenese).Milder versions ( aspirin, ibuprofen) are sold over the counter, the more powerful drugs (Anaprox, Feldene, Tolectin) require an prescription.

Are they the only answer to Arthritis pain ? Was there no effective pain relief before the advent of Drugs ? What did the "men and women of old" do to gain relief from the wear and tear of Arthritis ?

Relief was found in Nature...in the wild with medicinal herbs...herbs that provided both pain relief and nourishment. herbs that are the The ArthrOrganic Formulas. Certified...Organic !

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  • Preservatives
  • Pesticides
  • Hormones
  • G.M.O.'s
  • Irradiation

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