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Certified Organic Joint Formula Testimonials

I'm 60 years old and have taken Arthrorganics periodically throughout the last several months. I have a history of spinal reconstruction surgery, autoimmune issues, and hip bursitis. Recently I was unable to take any anti-inflammatory meds for a couple of days prior to a medical procedure. My hip was annoying me at bedtime so I decided I would try a couple of doses or ArthrOrganics since I could not take the ibuprofen type meds. It was a very good night - the pain I had at bedtime subsided and I didn't think about it till the next morning. Since then I reach for ArthrOrganics instead of the anti-inflammatory medications. (Awesome...)

We also give daily doses to our two elder Labrador retrievers - ages 10 and 14. We see a significant difference in their mobility and stiffness.

Many thanks - great product and reasonably priced.

Ann Brown

Arthrorganics saved me from surgery!
I have been a hairdresser for 36 years and my career has definitely taken a toll on my hands. I have arthritis in my left hand and had developed a debilitating condition in my right thumb called trigger thumb. It causes terrible pain and eventually immobility in the thumb joint! The course of action prescribed by a hand specialist was to administer up to 3 steroid shots (more would cause tissue damage) and then surgery if needed. After the 1st shot wore off , six months later, the pain and stiffness were even worse. It was affecting my ability to do my job so i had decided to skip the next 2 shots and move on to surgery. My research showed that this wasn't the most successful treatment option but i had no other choice....until i discovered Arthrorganics!

I started taking Arthrorganics in December of 2010 and after around 2 weeks i noticed not only that my arthritis pain had subsided but My trigger thumb was feeling much better!! I have now been taking one dose of the product every day for 6 months and my trigger thumb is virtually gone !!! No shots, NO surgery!!! I will be taking the product for life!!!


I'm 86 years old.I've been taking the ArthrOrganics Arthritis formula for more than a year, a dropper-ful of the liquid each day.

When I started on the product,I had a bad knee. It was swollen and inflamed Couldn't walk without a cane. And I had back problems due to an injury to my back some 40 years ago. I kept a back brace handy, for my back would act up time and again.

Now, I can thankfully say that I have very little pain in my knee, I no longer have a need for a cane, and I haven't used that back brace for some time.

One other thing, I've never been into "organics, or have taken nutritional supplements, but the nutritional components of the product has been a big Plus for me...I just feel good .

George H., Sacramento, Ca.